This is a Jeep, or is it?

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This is a Jeep, or is it?

A very good friend of mine in China recently bought a yellow one of these. About 160,000 YUAN which New Zealand dollars is roughly just over $30,000. Now if we could buy a Jeep that price New Zealand we would be ecstatic. But is it a Jeep really?

The answer to that it is a Jeep in badge and maybe design but it stops there. Componentry and running gear is Italian (Fiat) designed and the end product is manufactured in  Guangzhou, Southern China.

A beautiful vehicle as I road in it. Luxurious décor. Leather upholstery. All the mod cons but unlike Jeep in the western world missing for Jeep one important feature. Four wheel drive.

So yes a badge says Jeep. Design infers Jeep but that is the end. It is a Fiat maybe. But it looks great, seemed to drive well on city streets in Nanning when I was there.

Isnt it a pity that name manufacturers like Jeep let their product be changed to something else. Weakening the image of Jeep. Or do they just turn a blind eye that’s it in China so wont affect other markets.

If I lived China I guess I would be very happy to own one but I just think it’s a shame to see this happen to what is perceived to be a good brand.

My brother in law had also bought a new vehicle. A Suzuki. I wonder now if that was also something else under the bonnet?


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