Come walk on a live volcano with us

6 day tour incl Taupo

Have you ever been up and close with a live volcano?

We have designed a 6 day tour that on day two you get the opportunity to get up and close to one of New Zealands live volcanoes. A 5 hour trip to the volcano including walking across close to the vents. The sulphur smell can be putrid and strong but you are given masks for that problem should you struggle to cope. You will be given a hard hat just in case of any issues while on White Island.

White Island as the name infers is off the coast of New Zealand out from Whakatane. When I was on it last it was at a stage 2 out of 10 and that for me to here the roar from below sent shivers up the spine.

Every 2 to 5 years White Island plays up to varying scales. In the early Nineteenth century they mined the island for its sulphur, but alas the mountain played up and all on the island lost their lives.

The relics from mining days are still there clear to see but now well eroded by the sulphur. The sulphur eats at everything on the island and as you depart you do require to put the base of your shoes through a bath to cleanse them.

It is an experience that believe you will never forget. For me I am in no rush to repeat it but as I am a tour guide then I have no choice. But the first time I did it I was excited with the opportunity and I highly recommend if you have the chance with or without ‘Peter and Xiaoli Tours’ you do it.

Added to it you get a beautiful cruise to the island. In all likelihood you will see at least one large school of dolphins for which the boat will slow so you can take photos galore.

But our tour is not all about White Island. On the way to Whakatane we will stop at the ‘Kiwifruit Centre’, visit the ‘Comvita Honey’ shop. There you will see and read about the benefits of Manuka honey, a product unique to New Zealand but recognised world wide for its healing factors.

If you already know about Manuka Honey though prior visiting New Zealand and intend buying some, then talk to us prior the tour and we will obtain for you at much friendlier prices in the far north where we are based as is Haines Honey who have over 3000 hives.

After Whakatane we travel the East Cape. A region I know a lot of kiwis have never been and don’t know what they are missing on. The beaches are magnificent. The area is full of Maori heritage. You will be blown away.

We spend the night in Gisborne but then head off to Lake Waikaremoana. The road is not great but you are not driving so just enjoy it. Untouched native bush. Beautiful walks and an extremely picturesque lake. That night we stop Rotorua. For two nights in fact.

Our day in Rotorua will start with a visit to the AgroDome farm show and park. After that we will head to Te Puia to experience the world famous thermal activity. Plus at Te Puia you have the opportunity to visit the nocturnal Kiwi house and see our native bird up close.

The remainder of the day is yours. There are many other activities you can partake in. We will help you arrange it well in advance.

After Rotorua its our final day. We will head first to Taupo where if you have spoken to us in advance, you if you wish will get to have a thrilling Huka Jet Boat experience. For those not partaking you can visit the prawn farm or just sit and have a coffee in the café over looking the Waikato River.

From there we will visit the Huka Falls then head into Taupo and stop lakeside. If you wish head over the road and photograph one of the top 10 most photographed MacDonalds in the world. When there you will see why.

From Taupo we head to the Waitomo Glow Worm Caves. Another experience you will agree was worthwhile experiencing. Then its back to Auckland.

This tour we believe is unique to ‘Peter and Xiaoli Tours’. 1 to 10 people although we can take larger groups, but not our specialty. We enjoy boutique tours. Small groups.

We photograph all our tours. On completion we will give you a USB stick with all photographs we took. What you do with them is up to you but I warn you we keep clicking. A lot.


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