A long but good day

Auckland to the far north today – And a flattering compliment to finish the day

A small group from China aboard to day for the 4.5 drive which I turned into 8 hours from Auckland to the far north of New Zealand.

The weather was a very mixed bag. The weather gods through a mix of almost everything at us. No snow but we came close which a beauty of a hail storm. But at stages which seem to coincide with stops, we had brilliant sunshine. Guests were happy and still smiling when I dropped them at our accommodation on the edge of Ninety Mile Beach. Now in Xiaoli’s care until I take them back to Auckland where they leave for China on Wednesday.

First stop was the Warkworth Honey Centre. Worth a stop if you are heading north from Auckland. The prices on their products I think are a little high but then it is what it is. If you enjoy coffee head into their café. I had a long black while my guests shopped and it was pretty damned good.

From there we headed to Whangarei Falls which the guests loved. A bonus though, a rather beautiful lady trying to cross the falls on a tight rope. My video I share with this blog obviously clearly shows the balancing act didn’t come without drama, but in the end she did get across.

A buffet lunch at The Tai Tong Chinese restaurant. For $10 and all you can eat its great but don’t pay more as then it would not be worth it. Food is passable but given only $10 and you can pick and choose, then its okay.

From there on to Kawakawa and a stop at the Hunderwaiser famous toilets. Always a good stop people enjoy. There I took the opportunity to fuel up the vehicle having seen the artworks many a time.

Then the stop at Puketi Forest to view the Kauris. Literally just got back in the vehicle and the heavens opened.

Final stop was at what was known as the Ancient Kauri Kingdom in Awanui. Well worth a stop.

Finished at the beach just after 5pm.

Hopefully tomorrow being my day off the weather may settle and allow some fishing time

Oh, the compliment. A rather beautiful young Maori girl (young to me – she must have been about 30) thought I looked in the early fifties. If only. Haha


Another fall, but again she got up. The video does not show the shear height she was up at. And my make fans admire her sheer guts and determination, not the body

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