I sacrificed fishing for drone lessons

New Zealand election results tonight

Yes we voted. I tell Xiaoli she must cast a vote even though she does not necessarily need to. But I point to her life in China where she had no vote for anything so therefore se should use her entitlement. Who she votes for is up to her totally although of her own volition she worked out the first elections she had the vote for in New Zealand that it just happened to be the same party as me. And no, she had no idea who I voted for as I adamantly refused to tell her.

How do the elections affect us in tourism. A very interesting question. Personally to us I think the effect should be marginal but it could affect anything from areas we visit and facilities they offer through to a possible tourist tax. How do I feel about those things? Mixed opinions but we are a small boutique business and we should ride any changes out. Tourists will keep coming. Its now over 30% of our GDP and growing.

New Zealand as a country is respected by many as being if one if not the most beautiful country in the world. And a poll just recently released rated it as the second most peaceful. So take these things into account and with the strife in todays world, I think New Zealand tourism will continue its growth patterns. So us as small players just need make sure we continue to position ourselves to get our small share.

This week we had an offer with strings attached for our accommodation business at Ninety Mile Beach. And I had to admire the persistence of the man making the offer. Limited English so he targeted Xiaoli and I guess he has now learnt she is ruthless when it comes to money and does not budge. You can manipulate the figures however you want but back in China she was a very highly respected accountant or number cruncher as I call them, and she will ferret out the manipulation technique.

She did not need ask me but because of the man’s persistence, she did describe the make up of the offer. And yes she got the same answer she had well before then arrived at. No, you want to buy, then offer the money asked, sign the contract and on the due date pay the money. I have not heard his voice again on the phone or wechat system so I guess he got the message.

We have sighted a mortgagee sale for a property 30 minutes away we are seriously considering regardless of whether ours at Ninety Mile Beach has sold. Mortgagee sales come with catches which can be serious so the offer price needs reflect the catches and worst scenario.

  • Existing owners or tenants the bank foreclosing take no role in the eviction of so that becomes the buyer responsibility
  • And that means those tenants on final eviction can run rife and cause serious damage
  • Plus because they are in residence you cannot inspect the property for its condition

All that means the property is potentially not worth much more than the land value however should you be lucky and there is minimal damage, no meth contamination, then the buy has great potentials for a healthy windfall once tidied up and put back on the market.

Do we proceed with an offer or not? Not sure right now. Some discussion to be had but tomorrow Xiaoli is off with my mate boat fishing and I have an appointment with a drone expert for some lessons in flying my newly acquired drone. Cant believe I have forgone fishing for a drone but I had no choice in the appointment time.



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