My favorite time on our farm

Our first geese babies just hatched from adults I transported all the way back from Christchurch last year.
6 of 7 eggs hatched. 3 more females still sitting on clutches of eggs.
Chicken and duckling hatching are regular events on the farm but good to see after saving the geese from extermination last year and driving 26 hours with them to the far north of New Zealand, they are now breeding.
Soon I will be away on tours so miss all this happening. Our budgies and cockatiels I gave nest boxes last week and are looking like nesting. The ringneck doves are mating. Baby pigeons now hatching. It only leaves our Golden Pheasants not doing what they do in spring each year.
My favorite time of year on the farm. Just thank goodness its all happening before I start travelling the country

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