I work on public holidays


Public holidays, I work on them

For so long I have been self employed and certainly since entering tourism in 2009, holidays that others enjoy just became another work day. And even worse for my boss (Xiaoli – the wife) holidays means the accommodation will be busy.

After immense pressure from a consultant we met on our recent trip to China I have prepared 3 unique tours for him to New Zealand. Similar routes to others but all with unique features. They have pushed hard to get these from us despite the fact in our presentation we presented them with 4 tour options. Anyway, today with Xiaoli’s sons help with translating into Chinese I finished and sent by wechat. I was proud of myself as no easy feat doing art in Chinese yet understanding none. But I did have De Hou double check I had it correct before I sent the PDF files off.

Well it turns out it’s an 8 day public holiday in China. I could have taken another week to complete but I had promised I would get done by today and duly produced the goods. But they negated to tell me I actually had another week up my sleeve as they unlike me do not work on a public holiday.

This Christmas coming I work right through with a tour starting December 20th in Auckland and not finishing until January 10.  I have not checked where I will be Christmas day but its certainly not with family. But then I took this tour knowing a lot of others would not do and I don’t observe Christmas. Both Xiaoli and I loosely follow Buddhism.

New Years day its Xiaoli’s birthday. That generally means I am doing a 4wd tour up Ninety Mile Beach and she is making beds. Well since we haven’t sold the accommodation yet, she will still be making beds unfortunately with staff help. But I will be somewhere in the South Island. So this year we will not celebrate together.

Today is not a good day weather wise in the far north although without checking I am guessing we are missing the brunt of the storm our Aussie neighbours have sent across the Tasman to us. But up to 7 metre swells on Ninety Mile Beach so certainly no fishing today.

Another goose had 5 young hatch during the night. Unfortunately one has not survived but that is nature. Our male goose is sex mad with the 2 mother geese which would infer they intend to lay another clutch of eggs and sit again. So now 9 little Goslings running around. We cant get close as their normally docile mums are hissing to get away. Another 2 geese still sitting so I guess numbers of geese on our farm have this spring dramatically increased.

Chickens are abundant. Ducklings are yet to be sighted except for a couple of wild ducks that we probably raised as orphan ducklings last year have come back to have their own babies and are now waddling around with up to 10 each following behind.

Tomorrow its back to swatting material I have been presented with for a forthcoming tour. Checking I am up with everywhere on route. I should be but sometimes a refresher is needed


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