Are you coming with me?

11 day Chch to Ak

December 2 is our departure date if you are coming

It’s the mad season for tourism. For me some shorter tours of 3 to 5 days just to get me in the frame. Must remember to talk over the microphone. A bit rusty after a winter relaxed with just the odd Northland tour.

My first of 3 long tours I have booked starts in Auckland on November 12. 18 days later ending in Christchurch. A long but relatively relaxed tour. Most days not over long and its not a walking tour which suits me. Tramps on route of up to 10km a day are now starting to tax this aging body. I still enjoy them but recovery time now seems a lot longer than it used to be.

18 days to get to Christchurch is fine. I have not checked the kilometres but guessing its around 2300. An easy drive.

My issue is I finish December 1 in Christchurch. On this occasion we are using our own 12 seater versus renting which leaves me seeing customers off then facing a 2 day very long drive home. Not helped by the Kaikoura earthquake a year or so ago that closed the number 1 highway. So the long route around to get to the ferry at Picton to cross to the North Island. Then the long drag from the bottom of the North Island to the top.

So I have 2 solutions for myself. Try find people wanting a discounted South Island tour starting Christchurch December 2 and ending Auckland 10 or 11 days later. A great route. Some long days but any that know my style of touring, its very relaxed with many stops. Great photo opportunities and for me chance to play more with my drone that finally I have worked out how to fly smoothly.

Doing a tour like that still gives me 8 days at home before I start on a 24 day tour. Time to relax. Let the body recover and weather permitting, go fishing. Love my fishing.

Or option B is not tour but slowly drive home. Maybe have a friend fly down for company. Try a little fishing on route starting with salmon in the Tekapo Canals. I have often talked about it but never had the opportunity to do it. Easy enough to make sure my rods and reels are already loaded in the van.

The boss, Xiaoli may not be happy but given I have just completed a long tour with another booked I think she will be understanding (or not!).

So anybody want to join me for 10 days starting Christchurch December 2.


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