Our farmyard – I will miss it when the tour season starts

Soon I will be away on tour most of the summer season, and I will miss all this.

Our farmyard, well part of it. Missed the Alpacas and pigs. A lot of rabbits (wild) around to but the cell I was using was not close enough to capture the rabbits. Should have used the drone.

I will miss my animals when the tours start next month. The odd times I get home there will not be enough time to involve myself in the farmyard. That I will miss.

Now it’s the time all the young are hatching. Its great to see them pecking around with their mothers.

Xiaoli has separated the Goslings from their 3 mothers. The mothers are destined for new homes and by separating the young when still small its easier to teach them this is home, otherwise geese can have a tendency to wander further afield.

Hoping I have sourced some peacock young that are just hatching in the top of the Sout Island. Hoping I can bring home after my tour that finishes December 1 in Christchurch. It will take me 30 hours to get back home with our tour vehicle so a few livestock in the back I need feed and water will help keep me alert and ensure I do make stops.

This time last year I collected 23 geese that were going to be exterminated just outside Christchurch. I had a truck to collect for a friend so rescued the geese. Made make shift cages on the back. The men at the ferry terminal certainly knew I had arrived 1am in the morning as the geese alerted them. That was to my advantage as I managed to get on the overnight freight ferry leaving at 2am. Off in Wellington before the peak hour rush began. The progeny of those geese you see in the video.

I will miss my animals. Obviously the dogs who to Xiaoli and I are our children. But I will also miss seeing all the young emerge from their breeding areas. The process has only just started



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