A funny Sunday

trade me

A busy Sunday that was meant to be rest time

No rest in this house. The boss (Xiaoli) starting to panic that soon I will often be away on long tours so as she remembers things that need me to do, I am told. Told or ordered? Well I need do.

I updated my side of the accounts admin as GST tax return due for August and September later this month. Yes the boss it was that reminded me I need do but ironically I cannot complete as she has not given me the September figures for our beach accommodation or farm sales.

A window latch I was told was broken in a bottom room at the beach house. A victim of corrosion caused by living next to the Tasman Sea. In theory a 5 minute fix once a new part was procured. But dummy me dropped a screw and searched for what seemed like eternity amongst the plants to find. Drilled the old screws out. Window once again secure.

The old air conditioning units we replaced earlier this year I was reminded needed be disposed of. Called my mate and said come and get as I knew he would salvage certain parts for scrap money. For me they were just unwanted scrap taking valuable space up. By the time you strip them you make peanuts. I am just not that desperate.

A video we posted yesterday made up of video clips I took on my cell phone of the animals in our farm yard has gone viral for us. Not the numbers other people call viral but well up on hits we get on other videos yet it really is just 1.30 minutes on geese, ducks, hens, aviary birds and dogs. But I guess for some that scene is not everyday life.

Have tried hard to promote a discounted tour Christchurch to Auckland for 9 to 12 days start of December without success. I must be promoting to the wrong people maybe as I thought people would jump at relatively cheap New Zealand tour start of summer. It does not matter for me personally as I am happy to do a little fishing down south before I amble my way home. And by all accounts I may have young peacocks to collect for the farm top end of the South Island to bring back if its just me and the tour vehicle.

I am also trying to work out why since I listed our beach property start of September on the Trade Me auction site, why 32 people have ticked to put it on their watch list yet made no contact with us to talk about the property. We know its at a bargain price but only because we either get a quick sale or we hold on through the summer season again as it makes very good revenue. Just for us it would free up Xiaoli’s time so she can go fishing more plus spend more time with her animals.

A funny day today. A bits and pieces day. Great to see our All Black rugby team once again beat South Africa. But equally good to see South Africa put up a good fight so our victory was narrow. Better to have a fought close match than a very one sided game.

Now to book accommodation I need either side of tours booked. The only down side to living in the very far north of New Zealand is it takes me 5 hours to get to work. Haha



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