My wife tells me she wants another boat

Ninety Mile Beach New Zealand – Beautiful

That video I took on the cell a short time ago as I sat on Ninety Mile Beach while my boss Xiaoli plus two of our customers were picking shell fish ready for tonights dinner. They ideally need be picked 4 to 5 hours prior eating and left to soak in sea water. This allows them time to spit out sand they may have in the shell. Nothing worse then when you are eating them and you can feel the gritty sand on your teeth.

I know the video shows it as a very misty day which it is. But swells are down. All factors are looking great for fishing but my boss says outright, ‘NO’. And people wonder why I refer to my beautiful wife Xiaoli as ‘BOSS’. What she says goes unless you go behind her back or better still just don’t tell her your intent. But this morning that was hard as I picked her and 2 of our customers up at the beach accommodation we own and my fishing gear was obvious to everybody with my rod between seats and the stink of bait in the rear.

My boss two nights ago shows she must still love me. She saw a 4.2 metre boat for sale on the Chinese SkyKiwi internet sight based Auckland. Thought it was a perfect boat for us and wanted to make a call about it. I was somewhat taken back with surprise and it was late evening so I said lets in the morning talk about it and let me see the photographs when properly awake. I slept with a grin on my face Thursday night. That had caught me totally surprised and even more so because I have my 5 metre boat I only bought 18 months ago sitting right outside my window.

Friday morning comes and I stay quiet and low and behold she raises it again so I said send me the link from her computer so I can translate the text etc. Her computer I had bought last trip to China so software and everything is in Chinese. In the past she complained about software being in English.

Anyway, back to the boat. I get the link, not the photos as you need be a member on SkyKiwi but the text I could translate. Then looked at pictures on her computer. They don’t need translation. And I agreed it appeared a great boat but said its too expensive for us and you would need offer a lower price for us to justify buying. She said you cant do that as that’s the price the man wants and comments from watchers say the price is right. Well I said maybe it is right but we wouldn’t buy at that price.

I still have this grin on my face I am trying hard not to show. Haha. So I said if you wont ask about the money then give me the cell number and I will text him with I think a good buy price is. Reluctantly she gave me the number but saying he will never sell that low. 10 minutes later I had a text back saying yes. Bugger! The boss was taken back. I have let the seller know it would be subject to my mate sighting and saying okay because its 5 hours away but now subject to my mate we now own 2 boats.

My boss I have under rated. I never had plans to buy a second boat but it would appear we now have one. And the boats compliment each other as my original boat is a good deep V which is great further out to sea.

Still hacked off I cannot fish Ninety Mile Beach today so have come back to the farm sulking to myself. The boss can clean the units and get them ready for tonights incoming customers. I will keep my dogs company and wait on my mates call to confirm whether I have or not bought a boat sight unseen



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