Ninety Mile Beach – a tour favourite for me


My last Ninety Mile Beach 4wd tour for 2017. From now on its the lower half of New Zealand 18 day plus tours to see 2017 out

Today I took a group of 6 from Guangxi China on a 4wd tour up Ninety Mile Beach to Cape Reinga. The day started with me having to tow customers of ours staying in the beach accommodation, of the beach. Idiots despite Xiaoli telling them yesterday never double checked tides and were in 2wd’s. Idiots is all I can say. Fortunately they never made it through the soft sand to get on to the beach proper. Had they got through they would then have been caught out by the incoming tide with no where to go. No other words except damn idiots.

My group were with me and Xiaoli in our 2 4wd’s and we were headed up the road as we had done our homework and checked the tides. First stop was at Houhora Heads where we looked out to the Pacific Ocean. Smiles were on all faces and at the stop I managed to sort out who spoke ok English so they could sit up front and translate for me. At that stage Xiaoli had not caught up so all 6 were with me. Xiaoli caught up at Rarawa Beach along with a couple of German hitch hikers she had picked up that were heading for the Cape as well.

Rarawa a beautiful white silica sand beach. Tide had receded enough for us to get the vehicles on the beach. Some very happy customers sitting behind me. From Rarawa it was on to the ice cream shop. I wish I had not partaken as it meant no lunch for me. In hindsight I would have preferred the lunch.

Gave them 1 hour for the walk to the light house. Much more than needed but there was no rush to get to Ninety Mile Beach as low tide was later afternoon. From what I hear they loved the walk. I chose to wait in the car. Have walked that walk many a time. Didn’t see the need to do it today.

Off to the sand dunes so they could have a play on the sand boards. Warned them well how to slide down the sand hopefully avoiding broken bones. Told them it may be painful breaking the bone but not as painful as the one and a half hour drive to civilisation and a hospital will be. Obviously they took not. No broken bones today.

Had the drone with me and finally away from the wind that made me hesitate using it earlier. But for the life of me, I could not get the imagery to show on the cell phone. So as much as I could fly it, I could not take photographs as for whatever reason the drone was not talking to the phone. Bugger. Worse I was to find out was happening on the camera issue later.

From the dunes it was down to the beach. Multiple stops including one to gather Tua Tuas (cousin to the Pipi). My guests were looking forward to eating a feed tonight yet not one came in the water with me to gather them. That surprised me so I collected enough for a one wok cook up. No need to freeze out in the water if they are not going to join me.

From there it was check them into the motor camp where they were booked for the night, our accommodation being full. Xiaoli and I washed the 4wd’s with the high pressure hoses. Once complete we bring them back to the farm where I decide to download the many photos I took on my large Canon camera. Disaster!!!! The SD card must be faulty. Not one image on the card and older ones there now corrupt. Bugger. Not a day for cameras

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