Tears in my eyes


Today I was very disappointed – Bloody angry

Holiday makers had checked out of 2 of our 3 units after 2 nights and left our kitchen and bathroom areas disgusting. Pigs is all I can say.

Three familys rented 2 units. Against Xiaoli’s better judgement and without my knowledge, they had bought with them a cat. We do not normally allow pets despite the fact we are known animal lovers. Xiaoli had told them the cat would need stay in the studio unit and I assume it did. I was greeted with kitty litter spread over the bathroom floor and out into the carpeted area. I was not impressed.

The main unit upstairs the bedrooms were fine. The bathroom floor was disgusting. Absolutely filthy.

The kitchen well I don’t know where to start. The floor. Unbelievable. The bench and stove. The previous nights dinner dishes unwashed. 2 large pots of food on the stove, one with food burnt to the bottom.

Xiaoli had received a call 11.30am to say there was a power cut and they were soon leaving. Hang on I said to Xiaoli, why are they still there? We are rigid on check out time of 10.30 with very prominent notices in the units but I guess since we don’t live there they didn’t feel a need to leave early.

The power cut the neighbour tells me was very brief. So people you were just pigs. I would never leave somewhere leaving it like you did. Take it for granted you are banned from returning. I just wish now on Sunday I had not towed you off the beach. I should have just left you stranded watching the tide come in around your car.

I am angry. That used to be my house I lived. It still is a house I have very fond memories of and a love in my heart for. Today I had tears in my eyes. I literally went around the house turning all lights off. Turned off 2 towel rails, even a heater and here we are mid spring. I am running around in shorts and tee shirts. Then I left. I guess I need calm down and confront again tomorrow.

You whoever you were, were just ungrateful pigs. I hope someone one day treats your house like you did ours


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