Fishing time is almost over, time to work again!


I must be getting soft in my old age

I just posted an advert on Trade Me for a 7 day South Island New Zealand tour at an exceptionally good cost of $1700 per person but added a bonus offer of a trip back to Auckland. That is an exceptionally good offer.

November 13 sees the start of an 18 day tour with a group from England. The consultants that booked us maintains the only ever use tour guides that are considered within the top 5% in the industry. Not sure how they ascertained we fall within the top 5% but who am I to complain. We are rated highly, I know that but I am just not sure how you would know we fall in the top 5% in our profession. I guess somehow they must research that.

I look forward to touring with a group from England. Actually this summer have 3 groups from the UK. In my years doing tours I guess we have never targeted the UK market so never had English tourists on the long haul tours. It will make a nice change as our specialty seems to be the Asian market. Probably because we do target that market in particular China with Xiaoli being Chinese.

On conclusion of the 18 day tour I have 20 days up my sleeve before the next long tour starts plus our tour vehicle will be in Christchurch so why not offer a good deal on a South Island tour before I return north. The bonus is they are welcome to join me as I head back north as long as they cover their own costs on route. It is a damn long way back to Auckland or in my case 5 hours further in the very far north. But some great experiences on route starting with the ferry trip. Just hoping to get to the ferry from Christchurch the No 1 highway is open again to traffic or it is going to add even more hours to the journey. The No 1 being closed after Kaikoura through earthquake damage.

I am ready for the tour season to start proper again. I am rested. I am in the mental frame of mind ready to tour. I guess getting bored with admin over winter as I drive the marketing and get financials in order. I have caught my share of fish when weather has allowed. I am sure the fish will be happy to know I am working again.

Fishing, a sport I love. Its not always about catching the fish, its also about getting out and doing it. Catching the fish is a great reward but sitting on rocks or in the boat with line out is a very good way to unwind. Let the problems of the world just sail on past. I love it. Too old to play rugby now but fishing I can hopefully do until the day I die. And hopefully that’s many years off yet.

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