A beautiful Ninety Mile Beach sunset last night


The last 2 days have been spent up Ninety Mile Beach far north New Zealand kite fishing.

I know our overseas readers and maybe some kiwi readers will be wondering what the heck kite fishing is. A simple explanation, we utilise a kite the same as we all played with as kids, although then we made our own. But we use the kite to tow out our longline up to 2 kilometers out to sea. We need a good wind obviously and on Ninety Mile Beach the ideal wind direction is north easterly.

Our long line has 20 baited hooks on it. Once the line reaches its destination we stop it going further then sit and wait for 30 minutes. Then its time to hook the winch up to the car battery and start the haul back to shore. And believe me its very satisfying when you see the Snapper come through the waves.

We have another day of these winds so once again when ur units are finished cleaning we will head up the beach.

The photograph is last nights sunset as we drove back down Ninety Mile Beach after yesterdays fishing. Normally we would not have been this lucky to be able to capture this sunset on the beach as it was full tide meaning normally we could not drive the beach then. But with these winds flattening the waves plus lower than normal high tides we have been able to drive the beach.

This was a good sunset and happy to know my large Canon camera is working once again. A crook SD card being the issue but now replaced.

We have had potentially great news on our accommodation business at Ninety Mile Beach with the possibility we may have 50% more space available this year. Effectively that means another 5 to 6 beds. It means the overflow we either normally turn away or sometimes sub contract, we may be able to manage our selves.

Our main accommodation for the peak holiday period is almost booked out so subject to completion of negotations, now we may be able to take more bookings. A great position to be in. The downside is poor Xiaoli having to manage it as I will be down country on tours. But we had talked about this as a possibility and it just means we will need call on part time staff more as needed




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