The tour season starts

The tour season for Peter and Xiaoli Tours starts

I spent yesterday trying to get my fishing passion fulfilled for a while as the next 3 months will not offer much recreation time.

The day started with some boat fishing on the local harbour on my mates boat. Should have taken my boat as I always feel more at ease when I am in control. Never have been a good passenger boat or car. Its just me. Haha

So I took little Li Li my pomaranian with me. I knew my mate wouldn’t mind. My boss (Xiaoli) objected but then she knows it would be wasted breath because if I have made up my mind when Li Li is involved, then that’s it. I have 3 months starting with almost no opportunity to fish, and little Li Li I will miss like mad. She sleeps at my shoulder. I move, she moves. Never had a dog like her before and I have had a lot of dogs over the years.

Tomorrow its off to Auckland. An overnight stop. I booked the cheapest motel but its in an okay area so hopefully its okay. Its only somewhere to put the head down for a sleep after all.

Friday an early start. An 8am scheduled meeting to collect my group of 11 to bring on a 3 day Northland tour which with Xiaoli’s offer of a free nights accommodation for the group, we have stretched to 4 days. Saves me going to Auckland a day early as the next tour starts late on the Monday.

From there its about 24 days on the road showing tourists our beautiful New Zealand before I get a break. Long days but very enjoyable days. I love the reaction from the tourists as we turn a corner and confront another of nature’s beauty’s on the road as we travel. The ooh’s and aah’s . A tour guides delight knowing you have shared something with your tour party that keeps them smiling.

The Northland tour for the 4 days are all Chinese. At this point of time I have no idea if any English is spoken but the tour leader I know. I also know she has no English but we seem to figure things out as we go. The third Northland tour she has done with me so no interpreter needed as she can tell the tour party the high lights as we travel.

The 18 day party 7 from England and one from France. Interestingly, no couples. 5 woman and 3 men which I am guessing will be similar age group to me. Just an educated guess. A slow start to the tour with a bit over a 2 hour drive the first full day where we overnight for 2 nights. Chance for them to recover from jetlag before we start moving down the country and into a busier agenda.

The agenda is very familiar to me even though not all on our normal tour routes. A good agenda. Not to rushed. So over the next 3 months start watching for some beautiful photography and hopefully some great stories. It will be good to be on tour again. The break away has been long enough.

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