Broke the windscreen with tours about to start!

Broken window day one – Damn!!!

What a way to start the tour season. The drive to Auckland to collect my first group of 11 I get a nice big stone chip dead centre passengers side of the vehicle. Just had a new windscreen put in 2 weeks ago and risk is if I don’t get this repaired it will crack the whole screen.

The glass company has been very cooperative and have got the insurance company sign off on the repair which they will do when I return the current tour group to Auckland Monday. It meant doing some of the activities planned for the way back, on the way up. Giving me a straight 4.5 hour drive Monday. The glass company will repair the minute I arrive in time for me to meet the next group of 8 at the hotel mid Auckland city.

I am tired already and the tours are just started for the season. Part of it is the sheer planning of everything for each tour. Fortunately the first big one has 2 slow days to start off with. Chance for my guests to get over the jetlag after flying from the UK and France, and chance for me to get to know them plus get into my routines.

Today the vehicle needs cleaned and polished which in turn on tour makes the cleaning easier.

Yesterday we had various stops as we travelled with the opportunity for me to put the drone to work. Unfortunately it flew well but the photography taken is sub standard. Just hoping its my fault with settings otherwise I am going to be very disappointed with the outlay on the drone.

Whangarei Water Falls was always spectacular. Lost 5 of my tour party as they took a wrong track which put our day 45 minutes behind. Not a good start and trying to find someone with no English was interesting. Fortunately we all seem to see the funny side afterwards.

From there it was up to Paihia in the Bay of Islands. Deposited 3 at the ferry terminal for the dolphin boat I had booked them on. The rest I directed to the Chinese Restaurant for lunch. I hadn’t planned on lunch but my group insisted I join. Afterwards we headed to Russell. More photography. I gave them an hour to wander but they never left the sight of the van. So gather them up and head for a beach. More photographs. Still cant figure out what is wrong with the drone camera. Dolphins sighted off the beach but with the drone not working properly, little point in trying to photograph.

Return to Paihia. Perfect timing to collect our guests off the boat. They had had a great time so everyone happy. Off to see the Kauri trees. Then home to our beach accommodation.

7am start with a 7pm completion. Partly my doing for building in several activities on route that I had scheduled for the return trip.

A supposed day off today but Xiaoli had other intentions. So here we sit after 12 noon writing a blog while Xiaoli and one of the guests she bought over to the farm chatter continuously in Chinese. I should be doing admin required but no concentration with the chatter going on plus dogs barking because they have been confines. I guess no admin today. Tomorrow I have been promised is my day of silence but prepared to bet it doesn’t end up like that

Need sort the drone, Charge the other cameras up. Cant wait to start heading southwards with my next group. I am missing the tours. The adrenalin they generate. And I love the photo opportunities

The photos – Honey bees busy at work – Warkworth Honey Centre. The Whangarei Water Falls yesterday

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