Day 2 with my group from England


Day 2 of 18 North and South Island New Zealand Tour

Its good today we don’t need change motel/hotel. Jetlag is obvious on the face of some of my group and this afternoon they have admitted it has caught them up. I had told them take it easy today.

The agenda they were given in England had me just taking them to Hahei Beach for a walk or swim. I added Hot Water Beach and borrowed shovels off the motel so they could dig in the sand to reach the hot mineral water. I believe that became the high light for today. From there we headed to Cathedral Cove. I had warned them it was a 20 minute walk each way of a moderate nature. Once we reached Cathedral Cove all were feeling it. It was becoming obvious who had a bit more fitness. I am ashamed to say I wasn’t exactly the fastest but I knew pre tour I had some feet and leg issues and the doctor had recommended only do the easy walks.

From Cathedral Cove it was over to Hahei where all had boldly stated they would have a swim. I warned them the likely water temperatures but they told me English beaches were colder. Not one in the end braved the water. Feeble excuses made such as rain on the way. They were right there was rain in the distance but today it never ended up where we were.

Over to Whitianga for their lunch. Again not on the agenda but they were very happy to have done.

How that place has changed from when I spent a lot of time there in the early 20’s age. Even met my first wife there who although I left after 23 years, we did have 4 great children together.

Back to Tairua. I put some over at the walking track to the top of Paku Hill and told hem that is as far as I go. They will walk back. Hopefully the tide by then is well out as they will be able to take the shortcut over the estuary.

I am not used to eating 3 meals a day but it seems some expect me to join them for dinner. So I guess today I will eat dinner, just hope there is a minimal choice I can make. Certainly do not want a steak.

Tomorrow, Whangamata, Tauranga/Mt Maunganui, Hobbiton then Rotorua. Hobbiton does not give me a buzz personally but I have seen it a number of times

Two nights Rotorua before we head to Napier and on south from there

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