Beaches and Hobbiton


Day 3 of 18 – Coromandel to Rotorua

A little bit of tiredness on my behalf as I try get the body into the tour routine. Charged the camera battery on one camera last night then left it in the charger and packed in my suitcase. Go to use the camera and it wouldn’t work. Silly idiot I am.

The second camera I had left in the van last night with out charging thinking it will be okay for another day. How wrong I was. So reach Waihi and let the guests go see the Martha Gold Mine why I retrieve the Canon camera battery.

Missed photographs at 2 beaches but have done on other tours plus I did get some on the cell phone. Somewhere I have a third camera packed away, I assume in the bag with the drone which is yet to launched due to strong winds. Maybe we are now inland we will escape the winds although looking out at the lake from my hotel room here in Rotorua, the wind still blows.

Minimal rain today and the little we had stopped when we needed get out for photography.

A good tour group I have this time. To date they follow times I set rigidly. And I am not strict on times except when activities are booked such as Hobbiton Movie set today.

3 beach stops to start the day. No time to let them take a dip but all seem very happy. Lunch in Matamata. I skipped lunch today as I ate far more than I normally do for breakfast.

The Hobbiton Movie Set was the only booked activity today. I did follow them today on the guided tour. Often at Hobbiton I just wait in the vehicle. My enthusiasm for Hobbiton has seemingly disappeared. Probably due to the sheer amount of times I have viewed it.

I did get some good shots of the group with me both individually and as a group. Those I will compile the final night of the tour and donate to each of them on a USB stick. My little present. A momento of their tour with me.

Tomorrow we get a second night in Rotorua. I always enjoy 2 night stopovers. No packing and loading of suitcases.

We will visit Waiotapu thermal activity in the morning. Undecided if I will accompany them on the walk around. Decide that in the morning. Then in the evening we have the Te Puia Maori show plus hangi. That will be an experience for them


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