We have reached Wellington on our 18 day tour


No blog yesterday, too tired

The drive from Napier to Wellington plus stops taxed me a little yesterday. Then the suggestion from the group we have a jar on the waterfront just meant no blog. I needed clarification a jar meant a beer. Need get used to the terminology my group from England use. We may all speak the same language but we use different words for different reasons.

Today was my day off supposedly but I was asked to join the group to visit the Te Papa Museum, New Zealand’s national museum , then catch the cable car to the top of the hill, the name which evades me, then walk back down through the botanical gardens.

I have done both a number of times but each time I seem to see different things because of comments made. My camera works overtime.

The highlights today. We start with the Gallipoli exhibition at Te Papa Museum. I could not visit last time as the group I had did not want to know about wars for reasons I understand.

The Gallipoli Exhibition was largely constructed by the Weta Workshop in Wellington which was responsible for The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Movies. It was excellent.

The cable car ride I have done many times although hadn’t been in the cable car museum before. That was fascinating.

The highlight of today was the Tui bird a native bird of New Zealand landing very close. Havent looked at my photographs yet but will for this blog. I have never had chance to photograph the Tui so up and close before. Hoping I may have some spectacular photographs, at least from my perspective.

Tomorrow a 5.30am alarm call so I can shower and get packed then get our tour vehicle back to the hotel ready to pack my groups luggage 6.30am. Then a quick breakfast and we are off to the inter-island ferry bound for the start of the South Island leg of our journey.

Personally I love the South Island leg of a tour. But already I have 8 pretty happy English tourists. So if happy already, then they are going to be blown away


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