Another day on tour – Nelson and Golden Bay

Nelson and Golden Bay area today

It was meant to be an easy day but typical me on tours, I offer to show more sights not on the agenda. One day I will learn to keep my mouth shut and just do as per the agenda. Or will I? Probably not. I like to go  the extra length if I can. Give that extra ‘buzz’ factor.

Today was mostly the Golden Bay area. 5 of the group elected when I offered to do a 2 hour walk in Abel Tasman National Park. The remaining 3 decided they would prefer a lazy day on the beach I had passed 10km earlier. So a split group but all happy that I was prepared to do that.

My walkers after I guess nearer 2 and a half hours were looking burnt and a little tired when I turned up to collect them. But all had smiles beaming across their face with a number of stories being related back to me.

I took them back to the beach which all agreed they to should take a plunge in the crystal clear water.

For me I played with the drone. Captured better photography but not perfect yet. But because all my people were happy to do what they were doing I could do my own thing. I will charge all the drone batteries again tonight and hopefully as our tour progresses I will get another opportunity to fly it.

From the beaches we headed to Pu Pu Springs. One of only 2 places in the world you get this purIty of water bubbling out of the ground. It was not on our agenda and probably added 2 hours to our day but all 8 agreed it was well worth it.

Tomorrow its over to the west coast starting with a 3.4km walk for them at Cape Foulwind. A beautiful coastal walk which includes a large seal colony. I drop them at the Northern end then drive to pick them up at the Southern end. This is a walk I quiet enjoy to but just not possible for me tomorrow.

Anyway, a full day tomorrow. I need book some on the glacier helicopters for the following day. It never stops for a tour guide

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