My blogs are falling on deaf ears


Why are my blogs failing

I only started blogging this year and slowly but surely I felt I was getting better. And this was reflected in number of likes I was getting and followers that were adding me. Then suddenly about the end of October the likes ceased. Zilch. Since then not one like from a follower or a new reader. Why???

I have asked WordPress customer service. They initially tried direct my how to get more likes but still nothing? Damn!

Here we are November 22. I am in the midst of a New Zealand tour with 8 from England. Normally when I am on tours and write blogs likes increase ever more. Still zilch! Why?

WordPress I contacted yet again. They had minor thoughts really related to my website but I want to know why the likes suddenly stopped.

Similar blogs I paste on facebook and likes are rocketing up

Anybody with an answer, I would love to hear the answer. Personally I thought I must have changed a setting so my followers no longer get notifications when I paste a blog, but WordPress say the settings are fine

A mystery needing an answer


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