6 days to go out of 18


No internet at night means no tour blog!

Yesterday was Nelson to Hokitika. A long day. 9am departure 6pm completion.

A beautifully sunny day which prompted me at our early lunch stop at Murchison to splash out $5 on a sun hat. I normally carry one and this tour there was no excuse as we are in our own tour vehicle. But I obviously forgot when I was preparing for the tour all those many days ago in the far north of New Zealand.

Our first big stop was Cape Foulwind where I gave the group the opportunity to do the 3.4km coast walk or join me in the drive to the southern end of the track. All chose the walk. I did once I had put the vehicle at the southern end walk back to the seal colony. Normally abundant with seals this time of year but yesterday I only sighted 5 to 6.

As seems the norm for this area I managed to get some close up photos of our native bird, the Weka. Always happy when I get to snap our native birds in their habitat.

From Cape Foulwind it was on down the quite spectacular coast road to Punakaki and the famous Pancake Rocks. My sunhat was getting to be really handy saving my brain from cooking as the sun you could feel burning in.

Hokitika overnight. A great hotel but disappointed the room I was in could not access wi – fi and the hotel staff attitude was disappointing in trying to resolve.

Today we departed Hokitika for the glaciers. First stop Franz Josef where I had booked 2 for a helicopter trip over the glaciers with a landing on top. Unfortunately the clouds never lifted so it became a non event. Now re booked for Fox Glacier tomorrow morning. Real misty now so not looking good.

A walk to the first viewing tower for Franz Josef Glacier. Able to see but only the bottom end of it. But good chance for a group photography shot.

On to Fox Glacier, our night destination. A lot earlier than the plan but weather just was not helping us.

One of the group has taken ill, hopefully nothing major so the 2pm arrival at Fox Glacier possibly was beneficial to her as it gave the afternoon to rest.

For the rest of us we re-scheduled the walk around Lake Matheson from tomorrow to today. Not able to see mountain reflections in the lake but still a walk enjoyed by all.

Tomorrow hopefully our 2 wanting to do the helicopter trip will get their wish. And the rest of the group I will let do the walk to Fox Glacier since the weather ruled out the longer walk to Franz Josef Glacier today.

A long day tomorrow as we head for Queenstown. Many photographic stops on route. Going to be a late arrival



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