A long day as tour guide/driver today


What a long day at the office!

Today we left our hotel at 7.30am. The chef was apparently sick so we needed breakfast at another hotel. A simple drama to sort out.

8am the 2 heading for the helicopter were reported to check in so I went 10 minutes prior just to ensure they were flying. And yes they were as we had had to rebook it from the prior day due to weather ruling helicopters out.

The remaining 6 in the group I took to the Fox Glacier walk to the nearest sightseeing point. An hour return walk. I had declared I wouldn’t do it but it was a superb day so decided to lead them. The final bit to the viewing platform is steep and I dread and it really taxed me. My feet are now swollen as I hobbled my way back. Why don’t I listen to my own voice in the head saying don’t do it?

Following the walk we collected our 2 from the helicopter and started the long drive to Queenstown. I new it would be a long day thanks to the many walks and sure enough we finally arrived at 8pm. As I started by saying, a long day at the office for me.

Today we had brilliant weather. Virtually no wind and no clouds. We couldn’t have asked for better.

Many trees are in flower currently and 5 out of 9 of us are either suffering hay fever or maybe have picked up a cold. Unfortunately I seem to be the worse affected but a day off tomorrow, so some healing time.

I haven’t looked at my photographs yet but will to post this blog. I suspect I have some stunning ones starting with Mt Cook from the hotel early morning. Then the glacier. The beaches on route. The many waterfalls. A great photography day and hopefully I got some great ones of my group enjoying their day on tour.

Tomorrow all have the day off to enjoy Queenstown. I have said if needed I will take them for a scenic drive but expect I wont be called on. So for me its get admin up to date for the next tours but also try and defeat this little illness I have


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