A very unwell tour guide


A tour drivers day off in Queenstown

What did I do on my day off?

Firstly the cold I have is making life difficult. Fortunately I am not on call but did this morning accompany most of my group on a trip up the gondolas. Following that they split up and all recommended I head for bed. It wasn’t hard to agree. I feel like shit. Excuse the expression.

I did get my usual photography shots from the Skyline at the top of the gondola. At least I have something to show for 2 nights in Queenstown.

Tonight they all want to have a ‘Ferg Burger’. I have said I will join them but in all honesty have no appetite.

Tomorrow its off to Milford Sounds. A very long day with stops ending in Te Anau. Going to be hard on me if I cannot shake this bug. But the others that had it prior me all seem to be better again so hopefully tomorrow I will be to


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