On the road again


On the road again

Tuesday its off to Auckland. This time catching a ride on the Intercity Bus. No need take one of our own vehicles to Auckland as it would bar 3 days be parked up.

The next tour starting Wednesday is 23 days followed by a short 3 day gap, then an 18 day tour. And last just a 2 night gap in Christchurch and a 14 day tour. All 3 small buses.

We start on the first tour by heading north to Hokianga, then across to the Bay of Islands for a couple of nights. Then slowly south wards as far as Milford Sound then finishing in Christchurch. A lot of driving. The last tour was 4,500km in the log book so guessing this next tour we will be close to 6,000km.

A different route at least in the North Island to I normally take. Always enjoy different roads and hopefully some different hotels.

Main bug bear last trip with the hotels/motels. We had some nice ones but sound proofing between rooms is terrible. That comment mainly relates to the new establishments, not the old. And it is something I note for our own tours as venues not to book unless we cant avoid. The clients complain, never to the hotel, but to me. And I don’t blame them. A bad snorer next door, an amorous couple or just maybe a loud television. Its terrible when all you want is a good nights sleep.

Had the boat serviced yesterday ready for the summer. I know I am not around but mid January I do get 3 days home so if the weather plays ball, just maybe I can escape for some fishing.

The weather in the far north is idyllic to say the least right now. But the downside is we are only mid December and the land is parched. One of our natural spring fed dams is drying up on the farm. It has been known to happen before but never this early in summer. With only Xiaoli home I am hoping our tank water is enough. The stock the water comes from dams that run all year round so they are fine.

Picked up another 38 domestic ducks yesterday from a Maori elder at Te Hapua. He is happy they are now gone as numbers just keep multiplying each year and he will not eat his own animals. So duck numbers here must now be over 100 currently. Xiaoli happy as some are still laying eggs. Personally I prefer a hen egg over a duck egg.

Well, 2 more sleeps in my own bed before its living out of a suitcase for the better part of 2 months. Driving every day. Making sure the log book is always filled in. Talking and smiling endlessly. The job of a tour driver/guide. At this point of time I say its my last season but I guess time will tell


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