A day around Rotprua


Rotorua based today! Yeah!

A morning off for my tour group to shop or do whatever. Unfortunately it was raining then so I believe there were none that ventured from the hotel.

For me I took the bus and washed it as the rain had stopped and I like a clean vehicle. But unfortunately the rain started again. It may not be as dirty as it was but its not pristine either.

Lunch today was at the Buried Village on the edge of Lake Tarawera. A stunning area and rich in volcanic history. Lunch was picnic style second day running, but okay.

A museum tour to hear about the large volcano that happened in the 1800’s. For me we learnt that many years ago in school and as a tour guide I obviously have a little more knowledge than some. The group enjoyed which is always important.

We had time to kill so we headed for the Redwood forest and the treetops walk. Not all did a walk but those that did, loved it.

On to Lake Roititi for a cruise on a 16 metre catamaran yacht to the lakeside hot pools accessible only by boat. Other than get off the boat for photography I did not join those that partook in a soak in the mineral pools.

All the group rated the cruise and the pools 10 out of 10. I agree it was up there. Maybe the sparking wine I supplied helped. Haha

Back to Rotorua for dinner. I am not sure the group are impressed I requested cases by 7.45am. A big day with a lot planned as we head to the centre of the North Island and the ski fields. No snow being summer but spectacular anyway


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