Tongariro to Napier

Tongariro to Napier

An uneventful day really. Weather is not great. So far no rain but very cold winds. Weather causing cancellation of some activities which I guess means I reschedule somewhere later on the tour.

My body has reached exhaustion stage and one foot is swollen. Could do with some of Xiaoli’s oils to rub on it but I guess that’s not possible so just grin and bear it.

Yesterday up the mountain cuts I had that I thought were healing well bled in the freezing cold. So the Chateau on check in happily supplied me with some band aids. Looking at the offending areas they now look well healed but that is not the way they were up the mountain yesterday.

An early departure today saw us head back to Taupo before turning to head across to the East Coast and Napier. First stop was Waimunga Falls. A rather spectacular water falls and one I always enjoy getting the camera out to capture. I never can remember the name of the smaller falls to the left.

Next was a café/toilet stop. We were all cold and all I believe like me got some hot food and a coffee or tea. Not a bad long black coffee either I must say.

On into Napier with the only activity now being the walking art deco tour. Not a first time for me and I am sure it wont be the last. Some good photography before one of the group took a little ill so I walked her back to the hospital. So with cancelled activities my day ended early. Now sitting in Te Pania Scenic Hotel and shortly will head for a beer as I know some of my group will seek me out.

It must be one week since the tour started so about 14 days to go. The group are all great. Just need rest my body a bit. The driving foot is not looking great but I will keep it up and all will be fine I am sure.

Tomorrow night Wellington then its across on the Inter Island ferry to start our South Island leg of the tour

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