Napier to Wellington – day 12 I think


Napier to Wellington – Another day over

I just worked it out I have 12 days left out of the original 23 days of this tour. I am exhausted but day after tomorrow I get the whole day off in Nelson why the group go on another day tour. I will take the opportunity to wash clothes. Running thin on clean clothes now. I will wash the bus. Last did that in Rotorua and since then we have had terrible weather so the bus is filthy. Time to make it look new once again.

Today we left Napier in abysmal weather. I knew it wasn’t going to be great so ave an early start time for the group. They had already seen Napier so better we head south and try get away from the bad weather and we did that.

First big stop was at Mt Bruce Wildlife Centre. A new stop for me and I am glad I made the effort. Just wish in hindsight I had known how good it was and I would have built more time into our agenda. The next tour starting just after this one I will make sure I allow a minimum of one hour.

Various native birdlife but for me I believe I got some good pics of the Kakariki, a New Zealand native parakeet. I haven’t looked yet but will later if I can keep my eyes open that long. Really am feeling it now.

Saw the white Kiwi bird they have in its nocturnal area. That was worth viewing. Unfortunately you cant photograph but the experience I have implanted in my head and I know in a bit over 2 weeks I will see again.

On to Wellington over the Rimutaka’s . A very long steep twisting hill with very impatient drivers passing me in absolutely stupid places. And people wonder why the accident numbers on our roads are so high. Shame on you that passed me on double yellow lines. Learn patience as I always pull over when I find the opportunity.

I dropped the group at Te Papa why I dropped cases to the hotel. All were disappointed not at Te Papa the little they saw of it, but the sheer number of people, in particular children. New Zealand school holidays plus 2 cruise ships sitting berthed in Wellington.

From Te Papa it was up Mt Victoria. I think I really must stop using the winding narrow road to the summit and use the main road. My group love the views but not sure they enjoy the drops on the side as crawl up. For me I don’t have an issue with it.

Back at the hotel 5pm. A nice and early finish but its an early start tomorrow to catch the Inter Islander

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