A rest day finally


Today I have a day off!

My supposed rest day but I was still up at 6am making sure my group were on the 7.10am Abel Tasman Shuttle bus. My work never ends.

Because my guests and other hotel guests are all destined for the Abel Tasman National Park today I have the day to myself. First up is use the hotel laundry to wash a week and a half of dirty laundry. Its hard to do it a tour day when we arrive at hotels as my group want to do theirs. So today my chance.

Next is wash the bus. Tidy it up inside and go buy some more water. This tour water is not supplied as part of the package so I have taken it on myself to stock the bus with bottled water. I know the group will make good later. Essential on tours bottled water this time of year is carried. The expense is not great and added benefit it means I am not getting requests to stop on route so much to buy.

Then its look at the next few days agenda. Tomorrow is a 500km plus day. A long day for me in the driver’s seat but also for the guests. So plan regular stops so they can stretch legs but make sure the stops are kept brief as we need keep motoring.

Its time to start planning the activity agenda for the tour that follows this one. Next tour is not for Moa Trek who book all the activities but a UK travel consultant and activities fall on my shoulders. An extra burden as it adds to the days work on the trip but just part of being a tour guide.

Tonight is New Years Eve. Nothing planned yet but given we are up very early the next day for the drive through to Methven, I doubt anybody is planning to stay up to see the New Year in.

The photographs other than Nelsons clock tower are from yesterday. The bus on the ferry then Marlborough Sounds followed by Forrest Vineyards.

Today the weather is overcast with a chill. As I finish this blog my laundry is now complete. The bus washed and more drinking water purchased. Soon time to look at the insides of the eyelids again I think. The feet are suffering this trip as they do most but it’s a matter of grin and bear the pain and continue on


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