Exhaustion is setting but rest day tomorrow

Today, the InterIslander from Wellington to Picton. A stunning day as we left the capital of New Zealand.
From Picton we traveled the Queen Charlotte Sounds road. The road that more than once I have struck a tourist travelling on the wrong side. Today a few campervans cutting corners but I took the bus slowly knowing this may be the case.
On to Forrest Vineyards in Renwick for a light lunch. Obviously my under standing of the word ‘light lunch’ and theirs was different. A full lunch and pretty good if I may say so. And my group enjoyed a little wine tasting.
Back through Havelock and on to Nelson. But Havelock I had found them a local bone carver to visit as several had said they were very interested in looking at bone carving. It was not on our agenda but all enjoyed and several purchased.
Nelson we have a beautiful hotel. Tomorrow the group head for Abel Tasman National Park why I look at the inside of my eyelids. Maybe I will clean the bus but first its rest the body. Somewhat exhausted. 2700km this tour so far. About 3500km to go. Another 11 days. The day after tomorrow over 500km.

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