A 10 hour day


A 10 hour day today – too long

Today we left Nelson at 7.45am and arrived Methven at 6pm. Over 500km plus stops. A lot of driving for me and a long day for my group sitting behind me in the bus but we made it fun.

About an hour out of Nelson we stopped at a rest area. Once everybody had stretched their legs, taken their photographs etc we as a group sung happy birthday to my boss (Xiaoli – the wife) live over wechat. She was duly impressed. The best I could do for her she is at home at the top of the North Island (New Zealand) and I am heading down the centre of the South Island.

Next stop was Murchison for a coffee fix plus I instructed them all to buy a picnic lunch to bring with them for later.

A brief stop at the beautiful Muruia Waterfalls. Not sure I spelt that right but never mind.

A fuel stop then on to find an area for a picnic where they could all eat their food. I surprised with a couple of bottles of white wine which went down well with the drinkers. It was obviously who drank later as I saw them asleep in the bus.

Next several arranged a sing a long in the bus. That lasted longer than I thought it might.

An ice cream stop, ice coffee for a few. Then on to Methven for the night. To long a drive for me and the group but that’s okay, we completed it and we had a really fun day doing it.

Tomorrow it’s a lunch Ashburton area before we head for Mt Cook and the Hermitage overnight. That should be a great stop weather permitting


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