Two days no blog. Just exhausted


Two days no blogs. A little exhaustion issue

Mt Cook to Queenstown but first some went on the Glacier Explorer, others went helicoptering. Me, I spent time sorting out a few admin issues both for this tour and back home. It never ends.

We had our second picnic of the tour. This time south of Omarama. A salmon farm stop gave the group the opportunity to but some fresh salmon mostly in sushi. A fuel stop Omarama saw others stock up on café type food. And the picnic proper I added a couple of bottles of wine. All were happy.

On to Cromwell and as we drive in we see a mountain of black smoke appear. 2 minutes later we arrive at Jones Fruit Shop to see a 50 seat tour bus fully ablaze. 48 international tourists losing all their possessions including passports. A driver and tour guides nightmare coming true and then the poor tourists. Footage I shot ended up on television, that was a first for me and they contacted me, not me supplying the footage. Interesting. Social media for you.

Staying once again at the Heartland Scenic Hotel. Seems to be becoming a regular night stop but its okay. All except one guest are happy and the one not happy ideally would prefer we were staying 5 star.

Yesterday was the Milford Sounds day. I only needed drive the group to Milford as they were booked to fly back. They were lucky though as the planes were grounded yesterday morning due to weather conditions.

An early 6.30am departure from Queenstown so we could spend as long as possible on the Milford road. Timed it near perfect yesterday just cutting a little tight the Chasm walk. That was a pity. Normally I am taking the guests to and from Milford so we would have done the Chasm on the return drive.

149 photographs taken by me yesterday. Highlight was my Kea photographs. I have tried for a long time to get a decent shot of the Kea and finally yesterday I got numerous. Very happy about that. The Tui last tour, this tour the Kea.

Today is my rest day for legal reasons from driving. Already enjoyed an early breakfast with most before they head off jet boating and rafting. For me I will find a bus wash as it needs a good clean.

Tomorrow 7 leave us flying back to their countries. Yesterday 3 more joined so the next 6 or so days we are down to just 7. Still have the original 4. So a good small group to complete the tour.

Xiaoli tells me she has sold another tour for me in March. A Chinese group for 20 days. That is a long tour for Chinese. However first I have a 15 people group from England on completion of this tour for 18 days then a Swedish group for 14 days. I guess I am not going to see much of home for a while and sadly no fishing.

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