A sad end to a great tour


A very sad tour ending

Yesterday I left the group after 22 days at their hotel in Christchurch as all were flying out day at different times to their respective countries. One of the group was a Countess from Germany. A lovely 74 year old lady who at times challenged us with her ways but a delight.

We gave each other a big cuddle as I headed out for the airport to fly homewards bound. Unfortunately by the time my plane landed in Auckland she had suffered a severe stroke. At the time of writing the hospital says it a wait and see but very serious.

It has for those of us that saw the tour through to the end given the tour a sad ending yet it really was a great tour. A reminder that we never know what tomorrow holds. We must live life fully, be happy, have fun. And I know if my Countess friend could say it she would be saying the same thing. She certainly lived life.

So a sad end to the tour. Tour notes for the next 18 day tour arrived today so its move forward. Monday back to Auckland and on the road once again. Xiaoli after Monday wont see me again until about February 20 as there are 2 more tours in a row. And she tells me in March she joins me on a 20 day tour with 10 from China. It will be nice to share my experiences with Xiaoli. She has only ever had 6 days in the South Island so a good chance to see her beautiful adoptive country.


  1. Why the shot of the Countess from the rear I am sure you wonder. I promised her from day 1 never to use shots of her face. In group shots she always hid. I respect her wishes

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