Day one of eighteen day tour New Zealand


Day one. New Tour. 18 days

An easy day today. Lots of talking as we stayed around Auckland for the first half a day. I am not a city tour guide and I openly do not enjoy cities but sometimes need give tourists the impression I know lots. And in all honesty I do have pretty good knowledge.

A drive over the harbour bridge so we can do a U turn at the Birkenhead off ramp and head back across the bridge so they can see the CBD from the North Shore side. Then on around the water front and up to Bastion Point where we join the parade of tour buses. After the photography its on to MT Eden for 360 degree shots of Auckland. An English group and the first thing they notice is Eden Park our famous fortress for our All Black rugby team.

The weather was holding at bay with rain and wind forecast. Fortunately other than some drizzle it has just threatened all day long and not really had a heavy shower on us.

Now Tairua for 2 nights. Tomorrow I will offer them the opportunity to walk to Cathedral Cove but weather forecast is not looking great. A swim at Ha Hei maybe but looking at the Pacific Ocean here at Tairua that’s not looking wise either. Hopefully a dig for the hot mineral water at Hot Water Beach maybe a go. Just wear togs of a jacket because I suspect the skies are going to open with some heavy rain.

Tairua is partially meant to be rest time to recover from the long haul from England. From Tairua its on to Hobbiton, then Rotorua. 18 days later an ending in Christchurch where I get 3 nights resting before starting a 14 day tour with a group from Sweden in reverse, finishing in Auckland. That will be the end to tours for this season. Well maybe!

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