A very wet day 3


Day 3 Hobbiton. What can I say
Lousy weather with the forecast not looking like greatly improving. Not cold, just wet and windy. What happened to our New Zealand summers?
We visited Whangamata Beach early on then made our way to Waihi to view the Martha Mine. Then my favorite place on tour (yeah right!) Hobbiton. For me I have visited many times and admit to being tired of it. But if you have not visited and a movie buff, then it should be on your agenda.
From Hobbiton on to Tirau and a late lunch stop plus refuel the bus. I have a feeling my group will not be happy if they need push it.
And on to Rotorua. A 2 night stop. I always enjoy 2 night stopovers. No need pack a case again. Today the opportunity to dry wet clothes. Tomorrow Waiotapu during the day followed by the Redwood Forest, and at night Te Puia hangi and concert. A good day tomorrow. No huge driving time which the group, not just me, will be happy about
The agenda for my next tour following this with a group from Sweden has arrived. So need spare time to digest.


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