Rotorua to Napier


Rotorua to Napier

I have lost track of which day this is on tour. But must be about day 5 of 18.

In theory an easy days drive today Rotorua to Napier. But build in stops including vineyards and a 3 hour drive suddenly becomes all day.

First stop was the honey centre at Huka Falls area. A great stop point but personally I find pricing on the high side but that is part of a being in a tourist area. My group were happy and not only tasted product but made purchases. To them the price didn’t worry and I wasn’t going to say anything as they are here on holiday to enjoy themselves. If they are happy I am happy.

Next stop was Huka Falls. They must have just opened the gates at the dam up stream and there was a really good volume of water passing through. Then on in to Taupo for a 1.5 hour stop over. For me chance to refuel the bus. For them the chance to be lead by the woman shopping.

On to the Napier road and a stop at the only café on that road now open. Then on to Church Road and Mission Estate Vineyards for wine tastings before we headed for the Te Pania Scenic Hotel for the night stopover.

I admit to being a little tired but a day coming off from driving shortly in Wellington before we cross the Cook Strait to the South Island. I have been almost constantly on the road since November. I am fitter from all the walks plus lifting suitcases that I own up to. And I still have the passion for showing people our country, so that’s positive. The day doing this turns into a job I have lost the passion for, that is the day I say no more

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