Our native wildlife park visit

Napier to Wellington. Seems to get longer each trip!

Weather is perfect. Finally my group are getting to enjoy a New Zealand summer. Long may it last!

A late start today so the group had chance to wander around Napier city. First stop on route, Norswood Woollen Wear factory shop to buy as they wish, plus the essential toilet stop and coffee break.

From there on to Mt Bruce Native Wildlife Park run by our Department of Conservation. All paid the money for the shorter 30 minute walk around the aviaries and through the nocturnal Kiwi house.

A 1 hour 20 minute stop over so they could not only enjoy the park but buy lunch in the café. And low and behold a friendly native Kaka Parrot decided to try join us to share the lunch. That I made sure did not happen but lots of photographs taken. Then 2 of the critically endangered Takahe wandered out on the lawn below us. A great experience for all.

The long drive continued with a stop a top of the Rimutaka Hill. Traffic over it was really busy today so lots of stops for me today to let the faster vehicles past.

On into Wellington and head for Mt Victoria. I always seem to find the narrowest road up but most spectacular. Such a clear day today and little wind so cameras working overtime.

Tomorrow Te Papa museum then the cable car up and walk back down through the botanic gardens. Yet to decide if I will do as in theory it is my rest day which I may just take advantage of before we head across the strait to start the South Island leg


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