Wellington to Nelson


In theory just 2 hours driving today

We departed the Wellington hotel 7.30am. A few grizzles about the early start from some of the group, but they had been prewarned. And as the tour progresses now in the South Island, there will be a few more early starts.

Today we all boarded the InterIsland ferry to the South Island as passengers. We left our bus in Wellington and collected another in Picton.

Superb weather once away from Wellington. A few burnt faces from being on the top deck to long, but they had been warned.

For me I spent most of the journey across in the café. Seemed a pleasant place to sit with some of the group.

Picton a 15 minute walk to collect the bus why the group collected our bags. From there on to the Queen Charlotte Sounds Drive. A number of photograph stops before we arrived Havelock for a lunch stop and a refuel of the bus. Then on to Cloudy Bay Vineyard which I added into the days agenda. I did ask the group and said a majority decision rules and it was 100% for the extended driving time. On tasting they all felt not only the atmosphere but the quality of the wines was far superior to either Church Road or Mission Estate Vineyards we had stopped at in Hawkes Bay. I agree the atmosphere was far superior but as for the wines unfortunately being the tour guide and driver, I could not partake. SAD!

On to Nelson. A quiet bus, many sleeping even with the many bends and the 2 big hills.

Tomorrow all the group are off to the Abel Tasman National Park why I enjoy a bit of a rest plus do a bit of laundry. Getting down on clean clothes left to wear.

Thursday its off to Hokitika. A long days drive for me as driver and the group as passengers


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