Another tour over and one starting Monday!


Christchurch rest time/sleep time

This morning I slept until 10.30am. Not like me as I am a morning person. But even now as I write this brain seems lethargic.

The great thing was I booked a motel far away from everything including some of my last tour guests who have stayed on. Monday I start the next 14 day tour. I needed this time out to let the body recover. Tours started early November with just a 5 day break mid December. And the body is saying its tired. Mentally and physically.

My tour just completed the group were great. I couldn’t have asked for better and they got on well as a group the whole 18 days. And I know already the reviews I will get as a guide are going to be great which is always rewarding.

Yesterday I bought myself a new cell phone. My 5 year old Samsung which was a hand me down from Xiaoli required regular rebooting to keep it going. I should have bought a new one earlier but I hate spending money on phones. Refused to buy top of the line but I assured the Samsung A5 I bought is well advanced on my antiquated phone I was using. Its taken me all morning to programme in wechat, Instagram, emails etc etc but I believe I have finally conquered it.

The memory on the previous phone was always full regardless of cleaning it out daily. It was frustrating. I cant believe I have waited this long to update. And Xiaoli has had 3 new ones since this one was donated to me.

The computer for whatever reason is not allowing me to load my USB sticks with photographs. Maybe like me its just tired. It meant I couldn’t give my previous tour party my photographs so today I need try figure out what the issue is. Reality its probably just me pushing wrong buttons.

A computer buff on my tour just completed has recommended I look at ‘lightroom’ software for making my movies end of tour. I had been using Picasa. So I need look at that.

And now Xiaoli has volunteered my services to book rooms for another tour guide because he is to busy on tour. I guess she feels I am not busy or maybe better able to multi task. Women, you cant live with them and you cant live without them!

Today amongst numerous other things, I have studied my agenda for the tour starting Monday. One horrific day of 520km which will be hard on me and the group. But I guess the consultant that planned the tour thinks its achievable. Just not going to be much stopping or in my case tour guide talking.

February 18 tours are complete for me for this current tour season. Finally I will get back home and put feet up for a while. And then it will be time to start our own marketing for Peter and Xiaoli Tours for the 2018/19 tour season. Maybe some new tour routes. Well, modified from the past, so not entirely new. Add some new activities and walks I have discovered this tour season. And start the search for some new overseas agents we can work with. Last year we did the push into China and I know business will come from that. Maybe for the 2018/19 season we look at pushing into the European market. Time will tell. In the to hard basket right now

The photos – a few memories from the just completed 18 day tour

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