The sheep show

This morning I sat through the farm show at the AgroDome in Rotorua. Often I don’t bother. A very hot topic of conversation was the ‘horror’ hotel we are in. Its not good. The ‘Four Canoes’. Yes it is 3 star as claimed but very old and very run down. My group are not impressed. My thoughts are no better. My bathroom had hairs in the sink and shower and wait for it, an old small towel slung over the far side rail of the shower. Obviously unsighted by cleaners. The curtains in my room have a number of hooks broken so a huge sag. Not at all good, and I could go on. The consultant who I work for this tour I assume in unaware but I will tell them and I know my group will tell their travel company back home.

Someone needs tell them the sound system needs better acoustics as even I even struggled with listening. And my poor Swedish group really struggled.

The show is as always, well done. No denying that and people are herded through like sheep. Pardon the pun.

Tonight it’s the Maori concert at Mitai plus the hangi meal. A nice change for me as all others this summer have been at Te Puia. And bonus is we are being collected so I don’t need drive the bus as we are being collected. Its about 30 degrees here so no driving means I can enjoy a cool beer. That will be good.

Tomorrow its off to Hobbiton. That place is really not growing on me but I do acknowledge Peter Jackson and his team did it well. Then on to Auckland for 2 nights

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