Penguins. I love seeing them

The penguins at Kelly Tarltons, always keeps my groups fascinated. As an attraction it never disappoints.
Today an Auckland tour although some opted out of the museum part.
We finished tonight with a farewell function at the top of the Sky Tower in the Orbit Restaurant. Lots of speeches in Swedish which I found I could get the gist of. But one speech in English. In fact the first speech where I was thanked. A tear jerker for a few. I guess they enjoyed our tour together. Haha
Tomorrow after breakfast its off to Yam Cha for my Chinese sons birthday. 21 again. He seems to have a more than a few 21sts now. Then my mate who has specially come down to collect me will take me the four and a half hours home. I look forward to seeing Xiaoli. Its been a while. And I know the four dogs will mob me.

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