Time to take hold of our future


I didn’t know people cared if I wrote or not. But facebook tells me they do.

My long haul tour season has come to a close certainly for this season, and maybe ongoing. This season I stretched it a bit and the body has suffered. Recovery not as quick as I hoped so I guess I really did knock myself around.

I love long haul tours. What do I mean by long haul, 2 weeks or more. They are a challenge mentally and physically, You really get to know your group, most positively but then there always the one or two that you just can seem to reach. But invariably the others on tour have the same problem with them.

For me I feel I have let myself down if I don’t get that connection yet I know its not my doing. Just different personalities.

I have come home with a mission. To get our lives in control. We have reached out in to many directions trying to do to many things. So after discussion with Xiaoli we have agreed to get back to basics.

Xiaoli feels she can get us more Northland 3 or 4 day tours and maybe if I target the right groups I can to. That will grow our accommodation off season and will get our 12 seat van working harder.

Our license to drive 4wd tours up Ninety Mile Beach we still hold yet have not pushed ever since I was chronically ill 4 or so years ago. Time to address that. Drive the business again. Build the business up to the levels it used to be.

The farm we are going to wind down. It worked well but added to our work load in a way we did not need. It taxed us to much and distracted us from where our tourism businesses were headed. Time to get back to our core businesses.

The long haul tours I enjoyed but just not sure I wish to continue. Maybe I will feel different around mid year. I guess I will wait and see what tours are offered. I am real tired of living out of suitcases and a different hotel every night.

This year I told Xiaoli we must go to China again. I felt bad that last year I only gave her family 24 hours with us. Her mum is around 80. Great health. And she deserves to see us a little longer and not so rushed.

2018, a year of change for us but in a positive way. Ease some of the pressure and get us more focused on our core strengths plus finding ‘Peter and Xiaoli’ time. We lost that with all we were doing.

To think I have a boat sitting outside that has not seen the water this summer. That is not good. Got to correct a few things.



ps The bird is the Northern Pelican I photographed just off where they breed on the Otago Peninsula. A spectacle I am glad to have been up and close to a number of times this summer

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