A long absence from writing blogs

A long absence from writing blogs

I came home from 3 months solid of guiding and driving tours with durations of 14 to 27 days burnt out physically and mentally. Arrive home and Xiaoli and I jointly make the decision to leave the farm and head back tour beach property. In my absence Xiaoli had also been tested with running the farm, our 3 units of accommodation plus the house in our right of way we manage. So it wasn’t a hard decision to arrive at.

We are now well settled back at the beach housing ourselves in the studio unit so our guests can utilise the main house. That’s been interesting for us. We are the easy part but training the dogs (our children) was a little more difficult, but they to have now settled and behaving themselves, well most of the time.

I unfortunately with the 25,000km I clocked up and daily lifting then unloading suitcases have damaged both shoulders/arms. Last year each shoulder had 5 of the magic steroid injections which worked great until I decided to test them to the extreme. Now the left is definitely facing an operation and the right likely to follow. Bugger! I hate hospitals, catheters etc. And once operated I have a minimum of 6 weeks out of operation each time. There goes the next tour season.

First project back at beach was to catch up on maintenance then build a large BBQ area. Improve appearances for guests. Build Xiaoli a glasshouse plus numerous planter boxes so she can beautify the property. Plus the glasshouse allows her to grow her Lily bulbs to a size we can sell. A new business she wants to establish selling bulbs and seeds by mail order.

She now successfully sells local Manuka honey plus other varieties by mail order so this just adds another arm to the business.

I started the boat up yesterday. It is yet to see the water through summer and now here we are in autumn. Hopefully in the next week it may actually get out on the water. I think I only caught 2 fish all summer and that was off the rocks up Ninety Mile Beach. The enthusiasm just doesn’t seem to be there for fishing right now.

I miss touring but I don’t miss the long hours driving, the living out of a suitcase and changing hotels most nights. Eating out at restaurants has also lost its appeal. Sleeping in my own bed is something I am relishing.

I promised myself once tours were over I would buy Xiaoli a new car and have now done that with her reliable little RAV now sold to a friend. A week or so later she is yet to drive it as there has been no need but she has already added the female touch to it.

2018 is my year to get the body back in shape with the help of several hospital operations. Then maybe enjoy a slower pace life. Contemplate a possible retirement. Yeah.


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