A horrific tourist accident in New Zealand!


A horrific head on accident obviously!


Anybody in New Zealand who read or watch any news media will have seen that photograph. A direct head on. The silver car came around a corner at Waipapakauri Ramp to hit front on tourists driving towards them on their side of road. There are no skid marks it was that instant. Horrible isn’t it?

How are these tourists with no English able to rent vehicles. Not sure how long they had been in the country but I know they were due to fly home about now. That’s obviously not happening as they are all hospitilised.

It stinks that our ACC pays all their medical costs. Their only bill will be $1400 each. That’s it.

With the charges they will skip the country once able and not come back. Take their passports does not stop them getting new ones.

Our laws in many ways are wrong.

Why am I writing this you ask. Well I was driving that silver car. Xiaoli in the seat behind me and my mate by me.

I walked away. Broken ribs and sternum, my mate the same. Xiaoli had life threatening injuries now out of danger but not over issues. One operation already and broken ribs and sternum.

Our 2 little dogs survived but are in an animal hospital.

There are emails flying through very high circles politically about tourists driving on the wrong sides of roads etc. I have not done this but some very powerful friends are driving it. The NZ Herald and others have more stories being written. Hopefully out of our misfortune finally the laws may be looked at. Finally!

Our businesses are all closed indefinitely and all bookings cancelled. My long haul tours the overseas consultants are finding new guide/drivers. And top it off the vet bill will be larger than the hospital fee the guilty party will pay. It stinks.

Money is not important. We are alive. We are survivors

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