We are home enjoying our views


Saturday we were to transfer to Kaitaia Hospital but on discussion they let us come home.

They say on rest will now heal our broken bones, and lots of it. Well from our perspective that rest is better done at home watching sunsets like that I captured tonight.

We with help set up our lounge with the superb as they term it, million dollar views so Xiaoli and I can lie or sit as we require surrounded by our children, our dogs. Two still recovering from their injuries also.

Xiaoli’s younger brother and wife have arrived from China which means we can just now concentrate on our healing. For Xiaoli the stomach staples will be removed this week then for both us just the healing of our multiple broken bones.

The fateful crash seems a distant memory as we have battled with our health in the 10 days since. Police statements have yet to be asked for which I find a little disappointing but then I guess they are very aware of our situation regarding broken bones etc.

The other driver goes to court assuming he has stayed in the country on the 27th of this month charged with 2 counts of reckless driving I believe. Is that the maximum they can charge him with, I don’t know. All I hope his charges would be the same as I would get if I was at fault in the same way.

We know we are financially out of pocket and an accident is something you never budget for. But we will get through that. I am just so grateful that Immigration NZ got over their hiccups in the process and got urgent visas arranged for my brother and sister in law.

Where do we go from here? For me I have a personal crusade to bring many people from the Government to Rental Vehicle Industry to Tourism bodies together so we jointly discuss how we can better educate tourists re our road rules. How we can maybe legislate the rental industry to ensure we have some screening of this renting. Many things need happen and with help in the last week, people are talking.

We will never stop these accidents happening but we can certainly reduce the frequency.

Personally we are taking stock of everything that happened. Looking at our vehicle we are very lucky our injuries were not severe. So what have we learnt, live every day. You never know what tomorrow holds.

Right now I have no interest in being a tour driver/guide again. My confidence to drive the huge kilometres has gone. I am just hoping it will return.

Xiaoli and I look at our window and can only dream about the fish out there for the time being. We are looking several months away before we have the chance to cast a line again. Certainly couldn’t lift a Kontiki. Sad, as this is our favorite time of the year to fish.

Tomorrow is another day!


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