My wife. My life. My boss!


My wife. My life. My boss!

Just over 3 weeks ago we were in that tragic accident meeting tourists on a corner on the wrong side of the road. Xiaoli was termed a status 2 which is very serious. I was a status 3.

Today with help I launched our kontiki on Ninety Mile Beach out in front of us. Xiaoli sat in her chair and watched. I tried to get her to stay home but she wasn’t having a bar of that. She said if Robin and I could participate with our broken ribs and sternum, then the least she could do was watch. And if you know my Xiaoli, you cannot win an argument with her.

First set went all wrong with the kontiki probably only going 300 metres before coming to a stop. The help that insisted on not letting me do anything later I found out hadn’t plugged the battery in correctly. Anyway regardless we gave it 30 minutes and low and behold a really good size Kingfish. My first on the kontiki.

Second set I insisted on taking charge. Paying for it now with chest pains, but the Kontiki travelled about 2km from shore. We let it sit for 40 minutes then winched it back in. 10 good size Snapper.

3 injured bodies now very sore but tonight we sleep well knowing that finally we got outside. Got to step on Ninety Mile Beach again. And although we cant surfcast, with help we still caught fish

A very special day for us today. Another step on our road to recovery.

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