Sunsets over Ninety Mile Beach

Sunsets over Ninety Mile Beach

As injuries heal I am bored silly but do have this magnificent view over Ninety Mile Beach. So armed with the cell phone camera each night over the past week as the sunsets I capture the event. I used to years ago if I saw a good sunset happening rush outside with my Canon and the tripod and capture many shots. The energy levels and enthusiasm of the past have evaporated for the time being so its now grab the cell phone and shoot through the lounge window.

They are spectacular some nights and I have never lived anywhere prior moving to Ninety Mile Beach that gave me such good unobstructed views of the setting sun.

I need finish a building project I started prior our accident. A large BBQ area. Enthusiasm is just not there, nor the strength to hammer nails. Its frustrating me to heck. My brother in law living with us while Xiaoli is so unwell tries to help but with the language barrier he is more hinderance than help. And because of the language barrier we have hands being waved as he disagrees with what I am doing. Very frustrating for us both but the only one that can translate is Xiaoli but 95% of the time she is in bed as the healing goes on.

I told Xiaoli when our bodies are well her and I will go away for a short holiday. She interpreted that to mean we go to Australia or Fiji maybe. I was more thinking within NZ. A remote spot we can just be alone. A quiet space. I guess that’s not going to happen.

Friday I learnt in recent days there was another head on accident with tourists on the wrong side of the road just 20 minutes from here and unfortunately 2 elderly locals died. Looking at the photos now I realise the difference for us was that we were in an SUV much more strongly built. We were lucky.

John Carter, our Mayor and ex MP phoned yesterday to check up on us and see if I had heard the news. He was able to fill me in more. Again a major tourist road where it comes to a dead end at Houhora Heads before you turn and go back to the No 1. And again no white arrows. It seems poor old Northland is sadly missing on the big white arrows compared with other areas.

I have again written to all MP’s but this time addressing it to the Associate Minister of Transport. Last time I only got 5 responses, 3 which were from members secretaries. 2 of these referred my letter to the Associate Minister of Transport. Yet this Julie Anne Genter obviously doesn’t have the time to respond. Or her secretary for that matters. I guess victims don’t count.

This week the man that hit us is in court. The Police said don’t hold our hopes high with regard to the case and they are surprised he is even still in the country.

ACC have arranged a counsellor to come see me this week as I battle the demons. The nightmares. The fear of driving. Need try to overcome all this so I can once again be a tour guide. Right now that passion has gone.

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