A holiday weekend with no guests


A holiday weekend to be remembered


No bookings for our accommodation. That seems a bit strange but then because of our little accident we have for the time closed up shop. Hopefully in another month or so we can open the doors again and welcome guests.

An offer of 3 14 day tours for me to do this coming summer tour season. That was a bonus as I never expected bookings yet, again because we have not been touting for them. This time last year I was full time marketing the business to agents in a variety of countries. This year I do nothing again because of our little accident, and the bookings come to me. I guess its another summer on the roads around New Zealand for me.

I completed the building of a BBQ area for guests. A project started prior the accident and now all but completed. And already had very positive comments about it.

And we went fishing Saturday, and what a successful day it was. Firstly rock fishing then when the swells started breaking over the rocks we headed back down the beach a little and put the kontiki out twice for 2 good hauls. A very satisfying day. And bonus for me was watching Xiaoli cast her line and pull in a good sized Snapper. She only had the energy to do it once but it’s a very good sign her healing is going well. Her decision to try and good on her for doing it.

Been a weekend of very mixed weather from beautiful and fine to heavy thunderstorms. What a contrast.

We have decided to relist the property again now we are both more agile again. I wrote to Resort Brokers to let them know it could go back on the market as we withdrew it after the accident. It just happened the agent was in Kaitaia so that is all now done. Now time to start the hunt for a small farm somewhere.

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