Its tour booking time

Life goes on in the paradise of the winterless north of New Zealand. I still debate that word winterless as the cold certainly seems to get to me.

The fish are still biting and the weather is perfect this week to go chase them once again. Probably Wednesday or Thursday at this stage. Not sure I will do the surf casting from the rocks as the body is still causing a few issues, so maybe I will just stick with the kontiki. To be reviewed when we go the 50km up the beach as I do love my surf casting. The thrill of hauling that catch in.

It is booking time for tours now. I had hoped I still had a couple of months of grace before I needed accept tours for the coming summer tour season. But now contracted for 2 x 14 day tours and 2 x 22 day tours starting October and finishing February. That’s enough for me with anything from 4500 to over 6000km per tour. And I have ensured this year there are gaps between each one so I do not get so tired. Last year I reached the burn out stage.

A good feeling to have my summer tours locked away this early. It means I can just concentrate in getting the healing complete. The old head is still very forgetful and I have become on the road one of those slow old men drivers we all curse. Its called head trauma from the accident but I need defeat it.

Must look at my boat also and fire up the motor. It missed making the water last season but with gaps between tours next season I should once again be able to take fishing. A lot of money just sitting doing nothing right now.

Need start marketing our holiday accommodation again. We had shut everything down but still have a stand alone house plus a 2 bedroom unit available and with family saying we have the help needed to service. Need start living a normal life and most importantly getting some revenue coming through the doors again.

If you are reading this and want a Northland tour, contact us. Or even just want to come stay beach front at Ninety Mile Beach. We can even offer restaurant style meals again. Catch a fish and we will cook it for you


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