3 of our beautiful children at play

3 of our dogs decided our bed was their playground. The 4th slep separately on a lounge chair.
Weather has been brilliant the last few days here in the very far north of New Zealand. Friday we tried the kontiki off the beach but were unsuccesful, albeit enough for our dinner.
Yesterday and today its a clean up time. Time for me to finish the odd bit of work required on our new BBQ area as Xiaoli wanted shelving for her plant.s. Plus we wanted it set up so in the busy season the dogs can live out there away from the customer areas. So all dog proofed now and Xiaoli and my sister in law tell me its beautiful. Always good to get compliments on work well done.
Bodies are healing but still facing the likelihood of another operation for both of us. For me its the shoulder which they now believe is accident damage so its off to Whangarei on Tuesday for a MRI scan to confirm the specialists diagnosis. For Xiaoli the stomach is still causing her grief.
That accident by the time we are right will have taken anywhere from 3 to 6 months before normality is back once again.
Next month we are planning a 4 day trip. 2 nights Rotorua and 2 nights up the Coromandel Peninsula. Xiaoli needs visit the Chinese consulate in Auckland to renew her passport so hoping we can tie that in. And Xiaoli has a fear of us travelling on a Friday. A fear I have told her she must overcome.
Still weekly visits from a phycologist and separately Occupational health therapist. Physio we are awaiting appointments. We both just wish this all over.
Business suffers as neither of us is capable of doing either tours for me, or the cooking and cleaning of units by Xiaoli. Fortunately we had a record summer season which has given a buffer financially.
Both our remaining vehicles are on the market which once sold means I need find 2 more vehicles to replace them. Something I dont look forward to doing, 4wd shopping

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